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What is Spiritual Healing ?

Spiritual healing is natural healing, because the human nature is a spiritual one.

Spiritual healing is the transfer of healing and harmonizing energies by spiritual means. This is possible by direct contact with the healer, or at distance by absent healing.

At all times, many people could be given healing or relief by spiritual healing.

Some answers to frequently asked questions related to this subject :

Do I have to believe in spiritual healing to make it efficient ?

No. The fact that even babies respond to the treatment shows that spiritual healing is due to other forces than mere belief. Scientific studies on the topic have shown that, although faith is very powerful, it is definitely not an explanation for spiritual healing. It is true that faith can move mountains, but spiritual healing is different from placebo healing. How else can we explain that animals and even plants respond to spiritual healing?

In which cases can a spiritual healer help?

There is virtually no human suffering in which spiritual healing could not be helpful in one way or another. However, one has to give up the myth of miraculous curing, if one wants to understand the functioning of spiritual healing. Although it is a proven fact that spectacular healing successes which, according to our philosophical conception of the world, border on the miraculous, are allowed to occur sometimes even in our days, we should not take this for granted, even if healing is done by a healer blessed with high talent. Small progresses, often accompanied by setbacks, are much more likely to happen. As most patients seeking help of a spiritual healer have been suffering from long years of chronic illness, however, many of these small steps are of great importance, if one considers the cases in which there have been years without the slightest improvement.

What is the explanation?

Man is a spiritual being. His existence does not only start with his biological birth and it does not end with the death of his physical body. He usually cannot remember where he actually came and he definitely does not know where he will be going. But this actually does not change the fact that he owes his life to a spiritual energy. This is equally applicable to all beings of creation, and this is the reason why our friends the animals also respond to spiritual healing, as scientific studies have shown.

The whole system of our organism is dependent of a vital energy which is not of material origin. And even another couple of decades of state-of-the-art technology won’t change one fact: man can experiment extensively on the already alive, but he will never succeed in actually creating life from ”dead” substance. No matter how sophisticated any science on earth may be, it will never be able to create what life actually is.

There is no scientific definition for what happens during spiritual healing. Nevertheless, the associated phenomena are observable. For instance, findings have shown that an electrostatic energy of up to 190 V can be measured around a healer during working, compared to only a few Volts with laymen. Other tests proved that the brainwave patterns of healer and patient measured by an EEG at a healing session are synchronized to an extent that they are nearly identical.

Although these measurable marginal physical effects show the operation of forces which are related to electromagnetic or electrostatic phenomena, they don’t provide a causal explanation of the healing process. Science will never ever be able to provide an answer to the deepest questions of existence, and we will never find the answer to the question for what makes spiritual healing function in scientific studies. It simply isn’t a question of the rational.

During healing, there is always a third component apart from healer and patient. Being a healer myself, I learned that describing and classifying the helping force is less important than one’s attitude towards it. It is a fact which can be experienced that help from a spiritual dimension superordinate to us, brought to us via the bridge of love, is an offer of creation which is within the nature of us all.

Can spiritual healing have negative effects?

It is in the nature of spiritual healing that it has no detrimental effect. Harm can be done only by those who do not practice spiritual healing correctly, i.e. where problems of power, forms of greed, or the healer’s own influences of illness are involved. These “black sheep” are usually those who, blown up by the public media, bring spiritual healing into disrepute. If these cases are subjected to closer examination, one can see that these personalities clearly show psychopathological traits. They will easily detach themselves from reality, and the phenomenon which, then, is erroneously called spiritual healing by the public media, will doubtlessly be harmful, because people are deceived for personal motives. In these cases, there is usually a sect requesting obedience in the name of God or of any saint, and financial exploitation. But this isn’t spiritual healing: it is the behaviour of aberration. True spiritual healing never did harm to anybody, because its task within creation is not a negative one.

How can I protect myself against charlatans?

Nobody can relieve the individual of his responsibility to examine the fundamental questions of life critically. The same applies to spiritual healing. Watch your feelings and listen to your inner voice, whenever you go to a healer. England has a old tradition of spiritual healing and knows strong Federations. Members are bound to ethical guildlines. In Switzerland, the examinations done by the Swiss Association for Natural Healing are a criterion. The association examines healers closely, checks their reputation, asks for references from successfully treated patients and subjects the applicants to personality and theoretical testing. Only provided that the personal and theoretical requirements are met, this association is ready to grant its certificate “SVNH-tested spiritual healer”. In Germany, a similar function is provided by “Dachverband für geistiges Heilen DGHG“. Considering the legal situation, however, this association still has to cope with a difficult background. As far as spiritual healing is concerned, Germany due to the authorities is definitely an underdeveloped country.

Do health insurance companies pay for spiritual healing?

Unlike England, where spiritual healing is recognized by the government since 1985 and paid by the public health insurance provided that it is done on prescription by a physician, health insurance companies in Switzerland or in Germany still have to undergo quite a learning process. I.e. one will hardly find an insurance company which is willing to make a contribution to paying a spiritual healer. In Germany, spiritual healing is even illegalm if not practioned by a medical doctor. Although the relevant law for healing practitioners dates back to a dark era of German history, healers still risk persecution and punishment due to this obsolete and highly unjust legal basis.

Switzerland does not have a federal health legislation, and this is why legislation related to spiritual healing varies between cantons. In some cantons, spiritual healing is still illegal. In one canton, spiritual healing is even classified as occultism. Considering this background, it is little surprising that health insurance companies refuse making a cost contribution, not to speak of willingness to take note of scientific studies on the subject. Yet the beneficial effects of spiritual healing would even be able to reduce the costs of health care.  

In England contact healing is payd by the National Health Service if described by a doctor.

How many times do I have to see a healer?

As with every other form of therapy, the rule that mainly regular application is likely to be successful is equally applicable to spiritual healing. As already mentioned above, spontaneous curing is rather exceptional. Making a treatment plan to allow the patient to adjust him or herself psychologically to a certain rhythm is purposeful. To start with, intervals of one week have proven reasonable.

Statistics have shown that a dozen or more sessions may be required to have a first result. Therefore, general statements are difficult, because the effect is an individual one for every patient. Some respond very spontaneously, others need a while, and some people do not react at all. Spiritual healing is not an only true remedy, and there are cases in which no reaction at all can be observed.

Should one stay under medical supervision?

It is in the intention of every serious healer that his or her patients remain under medical supervision. For the sake of the ill person, a good cooperation between spiritual healer and physician would be ideal. In England, this is functioning wonderfully. An increasing number of physicians employ spiritual healers, and there are workgroups composed of members of both disciplines. The tumour hospital in Leeds, which is among those with the best reputation worldwide, offers spiritual healing in its official therapy program. In our countries, unfortunately, patients reporting treatment by a spiritual healer are still mocked at by many representatives of a purely materialist classical medicine instead of being re-examined thoroughly.

We have to admit that the intellectual development of our natural sciences hasn’t yet arrived at a point where the part of the spiritual could be fully realized.

However, there is reason to hope that, in our countries, there is also a trend towards giving spiritual healing a due place in a modern health care system.