Absent Healing 


Stephan Klaus

Mitgl. Schweiz. Verband für Natürliches Heilen

Gladbachstrasse 118
CH-8044 Zürich
Tel. 043 243 66 63

absent healing

is a form of spiritual healing. Since the spiritual world - the origin source of spirithal healing - is not subject to the restrictions of time and space, it is possible to initiate a “healing” link between  healer and a patient despite ot spatial separation

Prerequisite of absent healing is that the person exercising it is medial. Mediality gives him or her the capacity of being a spiritual mediator requesting help from the spiritual dimension. Basically, this form of healing is very old. It is a heritage of mankind. The working of the superordinate dimension cannot readily be experienced by the ordinary conscience. And even highly medial persons are not always open for fine subtle processes. But when they are, they can act as a link between the dimensions of being.

Scientific tests in England have shown clearly that absent healing can have evident, positive results, even if the persons were not informed about what was done for them. Other studies revealed that the recovery phase after an illness or operation was reduced significantly, if absent help was provided. Pelase see also scientific perceptions.

How can I get absent healing?

Send me a description of your complaints and enclose a photo. Both enquiry and photo can be e-mailed.

As soon as I received your enquiry, we will decide if you participate actively in the session, or if I fix a date for a session without telling you.

With requests for helping other people, I will provide the absent treatment as soon as possible. 

Do I have to take special measures?

No special measures are necessary to benefit from absent healing. However, it is good to remember it shortly before falling asleep, i.e. to open oneself for the treatment purposefully. Using a relax technique can also be a help. 

Can absent healing have negative effects?

No, this is not in the nature of spiritual healing. Absent healing is exclusively beneficial. It is targeted at re-establishing a person’s inner harmony and wellbeing.. Only those effects which are within ones life plan will reach the person asking for help.

Is absent healing only possible with health problems?

In difficult life situations, in case of relationship crises, separation, loss, re-starting, examinations, inner uncertainty or lack of satisfaction or power and in case of nervousness and inner tension, requesting for help and support is possible, i.e. in any situation in which the soul is suffering. 

Is it possible to ask for help for another person?

This is possible and often reasonable, if a person is so ill that he or she cannot ask for help him or herself. “Spiritual personality protection“ is also valid in these cases: the person will be reached only by the effects he or she would also accept if he or she knew about it and which are compliant with his or her life plan.

How much does an session cost?

The payment for a session is $ 28 / £ 19.- /EUR 31.- . Payment in advance is not necessary. Primary intention of my activity is to relieve suffering and helping. I. e. help-seekers in difficult financial situations will adapt the payments according to their possibilities.

How many absent treatment sessions will be necessary?

Generally, each absent healing session is a highly individual process and responsiveness and reaction are different in every person. Therefore, I recommend 1 or 2 sessions to see if there may be reactions. Subsequently, further sessions can be held according to requirement and ordering by the requesting person. One session per week has shown to be a reasonable treatment frequency and this is the maximum number of session that can be held per person.

Are my personal data protected?

According to the regulations of the organizations which tested me and whose member I am, all data are confidential. I am bound to respecting professional discretion like a physician.